High Watch Program

Proven Effective Treatment for Substance Use Disorder lies in our unique High Watch Program. We integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine for treatment of both the Neurobiology of Addiction and any co-occurring disorders (such as depression, anxiety or bi-polar disorder) into the time-tested spiritual teachings of the 12 Steps. Our residents and their families benefit from this powerful healing blend of Customized Individual Treatment:

  • Every resident receives an individual bio-psycho-social evaluation. A state-of-the-art addiction recovery plan is developed with each of our residents:
    • This plan includes an assigned therapist for one individual session and two group sessions a week.
    • Biological interventions to repair brain neural and neurotransmitter systems that are damaged by a wide variety of substances.
  • Clinicians diagnose and treat any co-occurring mental health issues.
  • 12 Steps are taught in an intense format:
    • Each client is assigned an experienced 12-Step coach to work with in a one on one setting.
    • Our clients learn how a 12-Step program is used to maintain remission of their chronic addiction.

Family Education Workshop every four weeks.

  • A one-day event where families and loved ones are educated about addiction and how it has affected their lives.
  • We encourage our guests’ families and loved ones to schedule private family sessions with their therapist.
  • No additional costs are associated with any of the care we provide to our guests’ families and loved ones.
  • If you wish to attend this program please contact our Marketing Manager, Brendan Miller, at 860-927-3772 x113 to register for the workshop.

“The Family Education Workshop was wonderful. There was a lot of good information for those families who didn’t understand addiction”     -Nancy D.

Therapeutic Enhancements, activities and services include:

  • Fitness Center
  • Yoga
  • Meditation/Mindfulness Training
  • Expressive/Creative Art Workshop
  • Soap Making Class “Clean & Soaper”
  • Scenic Nature Walks
  • Volleyball
  • Ping-Pong
  • Equine Therapy *(based upon length of stay and availabilty)*

We provide a business office designed for use by our guests.

Transition Support Program

We are pleased to announce our new High Watch Recovery Center Transition Support Program. Because addiction is a chronic disease, all of our guests receive a discharge care plan that is integral to their successful recovery. High Watch will reinforce and support our guest’s transition to aftercare treatment. All of our guests will be able to attend 6 weekly coaching sessions following discharge from the residential program. Our experienced High Watch Recovery Center coaching team will guide them through the sometimes difficult task of implementing an aftercare treatment plan. If you or your loved one has any questions regarding this program please feel free to contact us.


High Watch Recovery Center is dedicated to seeing the disease of addiction go into remission for each individual who passes through our door. We are committed to providing compassionate care as we integrate the latest breakthroughs in addiction medicine alongside the spiritual teachings of AA’s 12 Steps to give all patients the tools and foundation to live sober after leaving High Watch.

“I wasn’t sure when I arrived if I would do the program, now I am positive I have a new chance to make the years I have left to be sober, useful and enjoyable. I am very lucky to have spent three weeks at High Watch” -Bill R.