Family Treatment


Your Loved One’s Addiction Is Not Your Fault

Research shows when families also get treatment, their loved ones have a greater chance of becoming sober. It is for this reason we provide services for the family:

1. Our Clinical Team has designed and teaches a 6 hour Family Education Workshop. It is an educational program that takes place Saturday every four weeks and is an integral part of our treatment. Every patient is allowed to bring up to 2 guests to this workshop. For further information on this workshop please contact us at (860)927-3772.

2. We encourage you to speak with your loved one to arrange a meeting with their private therapist, who routinely sees all our guests three times a week (2 private sessions and 1 group session).

3. HWRC offers Al-Anon Meetings every Saturday at 4 PM in our conference room. Here you will meet seasoned Al-Anon family members who can begin to show how to deal with your loved ones’ addiction.

“High Watch Recovery Center saved my life! I look forward to returning to share my experience strength and hope!”          -Tom Mc.