Executive Staff


Matt Walton

President & CEO

“I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand how High Watch changes the lives of those struggling with alcoholism and addiction, and the wonderful way it helps spread those benefits to the lives of all those around them.  I look forward to contributing my experience in both healthcare and recovery to advance the great work already being done by the rest of the professional staff, leadership and High Watch Board of Directors.”

Before joining High Watch, Matt enjoyed an extensive career as a healthcare executive and an entrepreneur. He was involved in starting, developing, financing and selling innovative products and services to improve the quality and efficiency of organizations dedicated to the ability of people to live happy, healthy and productive lives. He received his undergraduate degree from Brown University, and then went on to earn a Master’s of Business Administration from Yale University.

Jerry Schwab

Vice-President of Operations

“I believe in The High Watch Way and our Core Set of Values and I see first-hand every day how we save lives and families here at High Watch. I am proud to ensure that our guests are treated respectfully and with integrity by our team of compassionate, talented staff.”

Jerry has over twenty years of experience as an executive with non-profit healthcare organizations. Prior to joining High Watch, Jerry was the Executive Director of a Connecticut-based emergency medical service provider. Jerry is a licensed paramedic and served for many years as the President and Chairman of a large non-profit paramedic service in Southern Connecticut.

Outside of his work with High Watch, Jerry is very active in charitable social service organizations. Domestically, Jerry has served as a municipal Ethics Commissioner, as a Board member of the Pomperaug Health District, and as a member of the Connecticut Department of Public Health EMS Advisory Board. Internationally, he is the Co-founder of Empowering Communities Worldwide, which sponsors and organizes free medical aid missions to traditionally under-served,  sub-Saharan African nations.

Hans Fischer

Vice-President of Finance